Lead Vocals & Rythem Guitar

After 14 years behind a drumset , Mitch McSteamy has finally stepped into the spotlight. After moving to SD from the East Coast. He became the face of Sandiegopunk.com, interviewing local and global punk acts all over San Diego. He like cajun boiled peanuts, pirates, and stand-up comedy. His favorite bands include Nofx, GBH, Descendents, The Adolecents, New Found Glory, Lamb of God, Aerosmith, and Lars Fredrikson and The Bastards.

Drums/Maker of Loud Noises

Larry Lar-Bear Young grew up in southern San Diego skateboarding and listening to punk rock music. After giving up skating, he picked up the a pair of drumsticks and started making loud noises, which started his drum career. He was later nicknamed the Lar-Bear and is forever known as the lovable punk rock teddy bear. His music influences includes bands like No Use For A Name, Sum 41, New Found Glory, and Alexisonfire. Not only he keeps the beat for the band, he is the heart and soul of the band as well

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Daniel brings his own unique talents, energy, and song writing ability to a already talented group of people. He has been playing music for 15 years and lending his talents with numerous music projects in northern and southern California. His music influences comes from bands like, Alkaline Trio, Bayside, Senses Fail, Sum 41, and Taking Back Sunday. In his spare time Daniel is a foodie, sports, and minion enthusiast.

Bass/Backup Vocals/Helicopter Spins

Fishing For Chips is a fishbowl of Red Bull and Octane, the riffs are catchy and spark much joy. As a 90’s hip hop kid from Poway Chris, the bassist of FFC, was raised on radio and music from MTV & BET. Taking influences from punk rockers such as; The Offspring, Blink 182, Mest, and Unwritten Law to bands like The Used and Thrice, Chris has developed his own style of Punk Funk. Every stage has become a playground as Chris has been keeping the beat since 2005.

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